We tested over 20 different dry-wipe brands and Wild & Pure is one of our favorites that earned a spot in our store! There is just too much wrong with wet wipe use for our personal and planet’s continued health.

A message from Rochelle Serna

Wild & Pure Founder + CEO

Rochelle Serna Wild & Pure Founder + CEOWild & Pure was founded for the love of babies, mothers, and the Earth we all grow on. We are fueled by creating and sourcing products that make life easier and a little more fun, while harnessing the values of sustainability and clean living. Our products are versatile and made to be used across generations – from baby to beauty and beyond. We value reusable, biodegradable, effective, and ethically and locally sourced.

When we came out with a dry wipe, it felt like a novel idea. Even though it was only a few years ago, hardly anyone was doing it…and it wasn’t our original plan! But after testing different wet wipes solutions for over a year, we eventually realized that there were no stable solutions that truly met our clean living, safety-focused, and sustainable values. Deciding to go dry felt like a risk, but it was the only way we could stand behind our wipes, 100%.

Our mission at Wild & Pure is twofold, one being the products, and the other being the community. Wild & Pure describes more than the materials and ingredients we use. It describes our earth, our children, and our hearts. It’s a brand built on radical love, here to honor all of the real, raw moments of motherhood, and the woman you were born to be.

with love,
Rochelle Serna
Founder + CEO

Why We Love Wild and Pure’s “Earthly Not Yet Wet Wipes”

These wipes are soft, absorbent and cleanse waste easily when moistened by Wouche Away™ spray or foam. A favorite for baby and aging care, and travel clean-up. One wipe can be used to cleanse from face down with careful folding. The burlap bag is cute and fits in a backpack water bottle pouch.

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