Technology and Approach

Advancing Personal Care and Sexual Wellness

Approximately 108 Lactobacilli organisms (pink in the photo) adhere to the vaginal mucosa (purple mucosal cells) in health, producing 106 hydrogen ions/bacterium/sec to maintain a protective ecosystem.

Beneficial bacteria protect the urogenital mucosal cells, providing a low pH and anti-inflammatory barrier to disease. Introducing new bacteria, probiotics, acid therapies, or ingredients that harm the beneficial bacteria or mucosa can alter the ability of a person’s native bacteria to do their job. Glyciome® personal care and sexual wellness products are being designed to promote growth of healthy bacteria and support mucosal function through patent-pending combinations of prebiotic sugars, trace minerals and anti-inflammatory plant esters. Glyciome’s approach offers breakthrough advantages in efficacy and safety over existing products.

Glyciome’s patent-pending diagnostic assay and tracking app will allow anyone to monitor their own urogenital health and response to treatment. This user-directed urogenital health monitor will be especially valuable during times of high risk or transition when urogenital health can become compromised:

  • In infants
  • At puberty
  • During menses
  • While trying to conceive
  • With new partners
  • After cancer therapy
  • With certain medications
  • After menopause
  • During pregnancy
  • With associated diseases
  • With autoimmune disease, STDs or diabetes
Our proprietary urogenital and personal care products are being purpose-built to optimize each person’s beneficial microbiome and mucosal function, to protect against common irritation, infections and inflammation that lead to serious diseases.

Our diagnostic device technology, using breakthrough e-health app technology and biomedical sensors, allows individuals to monitor their urogenital health in real time, for targeted self-management and/or medical referral.

A women-owned company.

  • Prebiogyn™ Cervical Cancer Prevention Prebiotic
  • Package Protection™ Sexual & Reproductive Wellness Products
  • Biome Buddy System™ Prebiotic Hydrating Serum
  • Bioma Optimized Male Urogenital Care

Glyciome Technology:

Our pending patents build on the medical revolution underway in glycomics, metabolomics and microbiomics, leading to targeted diagnosis and treatment of urogenital dysbiosis (unhealthy bacterial communities) to prevent disease at the individual and shared-community level.

Why It Matters - Impacts of Personal Care & Urogenital Health