Our Founders

Dr. Ellington (Dr. E) invented Pre-Seed® Fertility-Friendly personal lubricant almost 20 years ago as the first safe personal lubricant for trying-to-conceive (TTC) couples when trying to become pregnant with her 2nd child. Her journey developed from her own fertility issues and her work with infertility patients. Many TTC couples at that time were not aware that common personal lubricants damage sperm. That is because these leading lubricants contain glycerin, have the wrong pH and/or have high salt levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming. Pre-Seed is different because it is glycerin-free, is properly balanced in pH and salt levels to mimic a woman’s fertile fluids and contains a plant-based antioxidant to support sperm function. Pre-Seed was the first-ever lubricant reviewed by the FDA as safe for use by TTC couples. Dr. E won several awards for her work in studying sperm health and fertility issues.

Dr. E’s new women-owned company, Glyciome, is developing urogenital and personal care products in answer to everyday issues, including the high levels of allergies and irritation resulting from existing products. Glyciome’s novel product platform cleanses and freshens with no sting, no itch, no irritation across body surfaces to work with the healthy human microbiome and protective barriers.

Under Glyciome’s “Keep It Clean – Use Less – Be Fresh™” guiding principles, Dr. E and the team at Glyciome are bringing accessible, sustainable products for total body hygiene to users across age-groups, including diaper care and toilet hygiene aimed to reduce wet wipe and toilet paper waste, and the chronic irritation these products associate with.

Dr. Ellington

Dr. JE Ellington, Dr. E

CEO and President
(PhD – Cornell University)

Dr. Clifton (Dr. C) has over 15 years of experience in development and commercialization of novel urogenital care products. He has worked with US and international regulatory agencies for product market approval. Dr. C has directed numerous clinical studies of drugs and medical devices, and worked to deliver novel technologies for healthcare in Low-Resource Settings, through award-winning work with local Community Health Centers serving the poor and indigent. He is a registered pharmacist in the state of Washington. In addition to the above, his training and experience include pharmacy, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, clinical pharmacology, good manufacturing practice (GMP), clinical research oversight, and business leadership roles.

Dr. GD Clifton, Dr. C

COO & Pharmaceutical Scientist
(Pharm D – University of Kentucky)