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Wouche Away® Prebiotic Total Body Cleanser

Our first Direct-to-Consumer launch, Wouche Away, a prebiotic, total-body cleanser. This product was chosen as Idaho’s Top Innovative Consumer Product (2021),  and recently passed a rigorous consumer product Verification process.

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The Biome Buddy System™ Prebiotic Hydrating Serum

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Under Development in our Lab:

Prebiogyn™ Cervical Cancer Prevention Prebiotic

Development funding from a National Cancer Institute Small Business Technology Transfer Award

A novel, intravaginal prebiotic-gel (“PreBioGyn”) is proposed for cervical cancer prevention, through optimization of vaginal health and treatment of vaginal dysbiosis (pathogen and pathobiont overgrowth), related to high-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) persistence and oncogenesis. PreBioGyn is an OTC user-directed, device, uniquely innovative for women in Low Resource Settings, at greatest risk of death from cervical cancer. There is a significant need for an affordable, easy-to use vaginal product, such as Pre-BioGyn that optimizes vaginal pH, microbiota and mucosal function, to prevent cervical cancer.


Our early-stage nanosensor-based, multiplexing diagnostic device (with University of Pittsburgh faculty) is being designed as a contextual eHealth app for patient self-sampling to detect changes in vaginal biomarkers and user-reported symptoms that occur with common vaginal infections (impacting at least 20 million Americans). Initial proof-of-concept for this approach was published in 2022 (doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.1c04755).

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Bioma® Optimized Male Urogenital Care

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