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Wouche AwayPrebiotic Total Body Cleanser
Wouche Away Natural now EWG VERIFIED™!
Awarded 2021 Top Idaho Innovative Consumer Product!

Glyciome® is a biomedical company creating first-in-class personal and urogenital care drugs and devices to diagnose, prevent and treat common infections and inflammatory diseases.

Our Mission

Glyciome is developing drugs and devices that will change genital care paradigms, in the clinic and at home. The products launched by our women-owned biomedical startup will reduce common genital bacterial infections that double the risk of costly diseases, such as preterm birth, human papillomavirus, and genital cancers (cervical, ovarian, and penile). Our patent portfolio uniquely leverages cutting-edge science in metabolomics and nanosensor-technology with our Founders’ established, human-centered product commercialization approach, to meet the demands of the $26B/yr global “personal” healthcare market.

Urogenital Health isn’t just about sex

Our proprietary product pipeline includes


Now Available:

Wouche Away® Prebiotic Total Body Cleanser

Our first Direct-to-Consumer launch, Wouche Away, is a prebiotic, total-body cleanser. This product was chosen as Idaho’s Top Innovative Consumer Product (2021),  and recently passed a rigorous consumer product verification process.

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The Biome Buddy System™ Prebiotic Hydrating Serum

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Under Development in our Lab:

Prebiogyn® Cervical Cancer Prevention Prebiotic

Our current NCI-funded Phase 1 STTR and ICORP project is developing a prebiotic vaginal gel to treat vaginal infections and prevent cervical cancer for women in low-resource settings. Findings were presented at the 2022 Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research .


Our early-stage nanosensor-based, multiplexing diagnostic device (with University of Pittsburgh faculty) is being designed as a contextual eHealth app for patient self-sampling to detect changes in vaginal biomarkers and user-reported symptoms that occur with common vaginal infections (impacting at least 20 million Americans). Initial proof-of-concept for this approach was published in 2022 (doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.1c04755).

Package Protection™ Sexual & Reproductive Wellness Products

Bioma® Optimized Male Urogenital Care

Glyciome is converging know-how from our experienced team with critical, recent technology advancements to create a robust platform of products that cross regulatory classifications, product launch time-frames, and medical needs.

News & Science

Wouche Away® Natural is EWG VERIFIED™!

We have an exciting announcement - Wouche Away Natural is EWG VERIFIED™! EWG is an environmental health nonprofit helping parents and consumers find safer products for their homes. By choosing an EWG VERIFIED™ product, you are reducing your exposure to...

Glyciome’s exciting new research

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world." Dr Paul Farmer Glyciome was pleased to present data on our developing cervical cancer prevention prebiotic gel at The Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research (ASGCR) featured in...

Using Fewer Wet-Wipes Reduces Diaper Rash Risk

Many products used to clean dirty diapers don’t meet new medical recommendations for use of an acidic pH cleansing product, avoidance of high contact allergy-risk ingredients, and reducing wet wipe use (on urine-only diapers). Published data show that diaper rash...

Become More Empowered Getting the Sexual Medicine Care You Need

A recent study found women want to discuss sexual health issues with their healthcare providers, but often wait for the provider to start this conversation. This can result in there being no discussion of concerns during a time-crunched visit. Evidence-based (best...

American TP User Survey results are IN!

Toilet Paper Use and Toilet Hygiene: How Americans Use TP and Manage Toilet Hygiene In our survey of over 500 people, we learned the following things about how Americans use toilet paper: About half of users tear off a length and fold the TP prior to use (more guys...

Wouche Away™ Awarded the 2021 Idaho Top Innovative Consumer Product Award!

Wouche Away Wins Idaho Innovation Awards 2021 Consumer Product of the Year! In an exciting gala ceremony on Oct 21, 2021, Wouche Away was chosen as the top innovative Consumer Product of the year made by a company in Idaho. With keynote speeches by Boise State Coach...

Companion Product Showcase: Wild & Pure Dry Wipes

We tested over 20 different dry-wipe brands and Wild & Pure is one of our favorites that earned a spot in our store! There is just too much wrong with wet wipe use for our personal and planet’s continued health. A message from Rochelle Serna Wild & Pure...

Consumer Product of the Year Nomination

Wouche Away™ was just nominated for the Idaho Innovation Awards Consumer Product of the Year 2021 by senior administration at the University of Idaho Research Park!

Why Wet Wipes Need to Go! And How to Get There…

Wet wipes are bad for babies’ and adults’ urogenital and rectal tissue (all that down there), healthy human bacteria, and our planet. In fact, our initial reason for developing Wouche Away™ was to design an effective, safe dry-wipe system for use in everyone, everywhere. We tested over 20 different dry-wipe brands and came up with two of our favorites that earned a spot in our store!

Reduce or replace toilet paper!

We are ecstatic to be launching Glyciome’s first patent-pending product, our Wouche Away™ personal cleanser for everyone in your family! You can learn more about how others are using this amazing product and why we love it! One of the main uses we have found for Wouche Away has been for reducing and/or replacing toilet paper (“TP”), which can be easy, cost-effective and NOT GROSS, I promise!

New Study Supports the Role of Healthy Vaginal Bacteria in Protecting Against Cervical Cancer Progression

A recent study provides further support of the protective role of beneficial vaginal bacteria (the beneficial microbiome) in preventing cervical cancer development and progression.

Bacterial types in the man’s penis predicts a woman’s chance of vaginal infections

For women without vaginal infection at the start of this study (specifically, bacterial vaginosis or BV), the type of bacteria in their partner’s penis predicted if BV would develop in 3 out of 4 women. The study (Mehta et al 2020) suggests treating women for BV and unhealthy vaginal bacteria in the future may need to also include treating male partners. These researchers’ major findings include: